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The East Coast Guitar Festival returns May 13-14 at the Halifax Forum Multi Purpose Centre.


Our mission is to create an all-ages experience for guitar & music enthusiasts from across Atlantic Canada. EAST COAST GUITAR FESTIVAL will create a unique atmosphere by bringing together manufacturers of the world’s most popular music equipment, top Canadian and International talent as well as their loyal fans.


On Saturday evening, the venue will transform into a concert atmosphere. The energy and excitement of the crowd created during the day will transfer to these events. We have reached out to various booking agencies and will have our full line-up and schedule confirmed already.


During the day there will be an all age’s retail/consumer trade show for music equipment as well as live performances, competitions, seminars, workshops, demonstrations and a variety of other activities. These activities will primarily (but not exclusively) focus on guitars of all styles and type. Those passionate about any instrument that has a place in Canadian music will feel welcome at EAST COAST GUITAR FESTIVAL.

Throughout the day attendees will be able to try new equipment, get tips from both artists & industry professionals and will have the opportunity to share experiences with others from the local guitar & music community.

EAST COAST GUITAR FESTIVAL will combine the passion people have for their own guitars and instruments with the opportunity to see live performances from their favourite bands, guitarists and musicians.

Guitarfest is not scheduled for 2018. Watch for a future announcement!

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